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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


​"Dear T.L. thank you from my heart for

your reading and for being a light t​o so many."

~Judith Guggenheim, Author of Hello From Heaven!​

“T.L., Thank you for an insightful reading.

It has brought me much comfort and I feel greatly unburdened.” - Dr.Marvin C. 

“There is absolutely no doubt in my (previously) cynical, skeptical mind, that you dear T.L., have an amazingly special gift. I am beside myself!”~Frank A. 

"The experience I had with you today was a life-changer, and I thank you so much for the gift you gave me. I still am processing everything I heard and learned through you, and feel a soul-shift of emotion that leaves me with an indelible feeling of peace.

God bless you." ~Shelley V.

"I have gone to Tracy for years. Always very accurate readings, excellent medium. I’ve referred so many people. Love her!!" ~Laurel Z

"I contacted Tracy to get in touch with a friend I'd recently lost, which she did, this led onto my father who passed away 22 years ago coming through and the reading couldn't have been more accurate if I'd sat down and wrote it myself." ~Mark S.

"My wife and I recently had a reading with Tracy. It was a very moving experience with multiple validations that my father and my wife's mother came through. It brought us to tears in a happy way. It was our first ever reading so we entered with healthy skepticism but left as believers. It was a worthwhile experience in every sense of the word. Thank you again T.L." ~Chuck G.

"One of the Best experiences ever worth every penny 
she is wonderful !!!!" Cynthia K

"Tracy has an incredible gift from God. She is the real deal , extremely intuitive and dead-on! She knew names and specifics of my grandmother who recently passed away. Thank you for your amazing work. You have a gift that helps others very much."~ Amy G

"Absolutely hands down the best reading I've had.

Very quick to the point and very accurate.I'll be

using her services again."~ Sandy K

"Tracy did a group reading for my daughter, sisters, nieces and I. There were 7 of us. We were each profoundly moved by Tracy's readings. She connected with our loved ones. She knew things no one would have ever known. All were quite impressed by Tracy's gift and grateful for the experience." Vivian D

"Thank You, Sincerely I can't thank TL enough for all the peace

that was brought to me. Words can't explain how I feel and

how much I thank the lord for having her come my way when life couldn't seem to go more wrong. The things she said only my husband knew and myself, and brought me peace because  he is with me.

I couldn't believe everything that was said it was so true. TL you're

here for a reason, God Bless You Always" ~Nancy R

"Tracy is an amazing reader who will give you a very detailed reading and information without you having to say anything. She has a great gift to connect to people and energy. She is an A++ reader."~ Emily E

TL put me at ease right away. I was so very impressed, she knew

me like we had been childhood friends.I had always been uncertain about long distance phone readings. Not any more. My reading was accurate, detailed and 100 percent what I needed to hear. 

I could actually feel the love and caring from her. A very gifted and honest medium. My deepest heartfelt thanks." ~Patti T

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​If you would like to offer a testimonial of your experience with Tracy Lee Nash, please visit​​ this page: Best Psychic Medium. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the form and submit your testimonial. Best Psychic Medium is a website that offers reviews of an intuitive and/or mediums work by those who use their services. In large part, it helps those who are seeking a qualified reader to find one that best suits their needs.

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