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“Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow.”~Anthony Robbins

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Please fill out the form below for questions, comments or suggestions only.
If you would like to schedule a reading, please go to the Services page and scroll to the very
bottom where you will find "Terms of Service." Please read this before attempting to schedule
a reading or make a payment as there are *no refunds once your 48 hour window has closed.
You can reschedule an appointment, but please note, there will be a wait time.

Please DO NOT offer information about a loved one who has passed when submitting your email
and/or inquiring about using these services.

There is a 4-6 month wait time, if you DO NOT want to wait, DO NOT submit a payment.
Currently booking through August of 2024.
Email inquiries can take from *7-10 days, phone calls 3-5 days. Please make sure to check your
spam folder if you have not received an email response. *Please note, normal email and/or phone
response times are taking longer than usual due to current health issues. Thank you for your
patience and understanding as I continue to navigate through these health challenges. 



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Standard Mail:

Within The Light
26025 Newport Rd. A #416
Menifee, CA. 92584

Phone: 1-951-301-7683
Toll Free: 1-866-463-3486
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