About Within The Light

Tracy Lee Nash is the founder ​of Within The Light; a Metaphysical, spiritual and wellness ministry dedicated to empowering,
teaching and promoting ​the belief we are not only intuitive beings meant to live beyond our five senses, but that the continuity of
life doesn't end even in "death."  This site offers a variety of services including spiritual support, intuitive guidance, medium  sessions
(with a focus on grief in the loss of a loved one), color readings and more.  ​With an array of online resources, too, such as self-help books, music, nutritional wellness, organic products, and health blogs, it is our hope that ​Within The Light provides you with a platform which encourages you to live your best life-beyond your five senses!
"Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this site!"
​In Love-n-Light,
    T.L. Nash, E.H.P.
Energy Health Practitioner
International Intuitive and Certified Research Medium
Recommended by Actress
Gwyneth Paltrow's Magazine​, GOOP
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*Disclaimer: I DO NOT treat, prescribe or diagnose. I AM NOT  a medical doctor or licensed professional counselor. I am an Interfaith minister and metaphysical

practitioner and provide a variety of educational, alternative, metaphysical and/or holistic resources as well as wellness modalities including spiritual support,

intuitive insight, mediumship and more within my ministry to assist those seeking my services and/or a more metaphysical/holistic approach to life. Any advice,

information or communication which you receive from Tracy Lee Nash or this website is solely open to your own interpretation and by reading this disclaimer

and the content on this site, you are agreeing that you understand the information. You must be 18 years or older to call. For entertainment purposes.


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