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About Within The Light

Tracy Lee Nash is the founder ​of Within The Light; a Metaphysical, spiritual and wellness ministry dedicated to empowering,
teaching and promoting ​the belief we are not only intuitive beings meant to live beyond our five senses, but that the continuity of
life doesn't end even in "death."  This site offers a variety of services including spiritual support, intuitive guidance, medium  sessions
(with a focus on grief in the loss of a loved one), color readings and more.  ​With an array of online resources, too, such as self-help books, music, nutritional wellness, organic products, and health blogs, it is our hope that ​Within The Light provides you with a platform which encourages you to live your best life-beyond your five senses!
"Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this site!"
​In Love-n-Light,
    T.L. Nash, E.H.P.
Energy Health Practitioner
International Intuitive and Certified Research Medium
Recommended by Actress
Gwyneth Paltrow's Magazine​, GOOP
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