" The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." - Sydney J. Harris

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions related to services provided through

Within The Light as well as questions about the supernatural. The information below is meant to offer assistance and is

not based on a religious doctrine or specific scientific evidence, rather it is offered from a perspective based on the personal

experiences of Tracy Lee Nash. Please read the information below before contacting Within the Light as many of your questions 

can be answered here. However, if you still can't find the answer to your question(s), please feel free to email Tracy Lee Nash below,

so she can be of further assistance to you.


Please DO NOT submit a request for one of her services here; for this you would need to visit the Services Pagethank you!


Questions About Services

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. *NO REFUNDS ALLOWED after the 48 hour payment window has closed.  All payments for services are non-refundable with

      the exception of "no connection" occurring, meaning if Ms. Nash cannot connect for the client in a reading, monies will

      be refunded. This does NOT mean if you are unhappy with whom you connect with during a reading and/or the

      information coming through. ONLY if no connection occurs will monies be refunded. If you allow the reading to continue

      until the end you are agreeing to the terms above and the "no refund policy" based solely on no connection being made.



Q. How do I make an appointment for a reading?

A. You can call 1-951-301-7683 and leave a message, but the best way to contact T.L. Nash is through email:    

     TracyLeeNash@Withinthelight.com.  Due to the high volume of calls and email received, it can take up to 7-10 days to

     receive an email. Phone calls are about 3-5 days. Typical wait time for a reading is 5-6 months. Currently scheduling 

     through February of 2022.




Q. Do you travel to people's homes?

A. Currently no, all readings are by phone only except for groups which sometimes may be in office and/or at the clients home

     or other venue..




Q.  Do you charge a travel fee?

A.  Yes. You will billed separately for the travel fee within the Inland Empire and it is as follows:

      Up to 20 minutes: No Charge

      30-45 minutes: $60.00

      60 minutes: 85.00

      1 1/2 hours: $125.00

      2 hours: $180.00


      *Out of state readings require a flat rate and must include hotel accommodations and a car rental. Uber or Lyft is also

       acceptable. The flat rate fee is determined by the circumstances of each event (i.e. how many people, how long the

      event is, etc. ) . There is a non-refundable fee for all out-of-state readings 7 days from the time you schedule and book

      the reading.




Q.   Do you record the reading?

A.   Clients can call in on a landline and use their cell phone to record.  Or they can record their telephone session free of charge      

     at www.freeconferencecall.com . Please notify T.L. Nash in advance of your reading if you plan on using this free service.



Q. Can I bring someone to my reading for emotional support?

A. Yes, you may bring someone to your reading to support you, but normally anyone present during a session will also get read. 

     So, please see the Services page for the cost of a  two-person reading.



Q. Can you  guarantee  me I will connect with my loved one(s)? Can I choose who which loved one(s) I'd like to hear from?

A.  Sometimes, no connection occurs between spirit and the medium. Additionally, a medium does not pick and choose

      who comes through in a reading. They "connect" with the strongest energy(ies) and sometimes this may or not be someone you 

      were expecting to hear from but  this is the nature of the work. You as well as the medium cannot decide who will come through

    in a reading or if you will even make a  connection at all.



Q. Can I ask direct questions to a deceased loved one during a medium session?

A. A medium acts as a conduit and relays information they are receiving from spirit  to the client. So, information is flowing typically

    in one direction: from spirit, to medium, to client. There are some times, however, when spirit will already know  what their loved

    one is going to ask and will respond to their  question through the medium.

Questions About the Supernatural

Q. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A.  A psychic tunes into the energy of a person, item or place by feeling and/or sensing that energy which  can include

      the past, present and future in order to gather information about the object they are reading. A medium will also read

      past, present and future events  but uses the assistance of spirit, which the medium communicates with,  in order to

      relay any messages spirit may have.

Q.What is intuition? 

A. Intuition, aka being psychic, is a knowing or sense without the use of reason or rational thought and it is within each of us.

Q. Am I a psychic or medium?

A. We are all born with the ability to live beyond our five senses and embrace the 6th sense abilities we have.  It is a process of believing  

    we have these abilities, being open to them and utilizing our gifts in ways that resonates with us.

Q. What is the afterlife? Where is it?

A. We live in a multiverse, not a universe, hence, there are many vibrational layers and/or dimensions in this world. Whatever you would

     like to call it; the afterlife, Heaven., etc. this is just one of these many dimensions, but unlike the present space we live in where we have

     our physical bodies, once we shed them, we enter into a vibrational space where we go back to our purest form- our spiritual bodies.

Q. Do people who commit suicide go to Heaven?

A. In T.L. Nash's  professional experience as a medium she believes those who take their own life are still able to enter into Heaven.  She

     has communicated with many loved ones who ended their lives because of the immense pain they endured here in the physical world.

     What their life lessons are,  what they may need to still learn, etc. is the same as those who pass away from different circumstances,

     meaning, In the end, we are all souls with a physical body and go through many experiences in order to learn what we are meant to in

    our souls continual progression-suicide does not change this.



Q. Can you assure me I will connect with my loved one(s)? Can I choose who which loved one(s) I'd like to hear from?

A.  Sometimes, no connection occurs between spirit and the medium. Additionally, a medium does not pick and choose who comes

       through in a reading. They "connect" with the strongest energy(ies) and sometimes this may or not be someone you  were expecting to

      hear from, but this is the nature of the work. You as well as the medium cannot decide who will come through in a reading or if you

    will even make a connection at all.

Q. Why don't my loved ones visit me?

A.  There are a few reasons you may not sense your loved ones with you: 1. Acclimating to their new surroundings can take time  2. You may

      not be open to receiving communication because you're not sure if spirit communication is truly real . In other words, some people feel

      silly "talking out loud" to someone who isn't "there."   3. Depending on where you're at in your grief stage, grief can block us from being

     able to sense/see our loved ones and/or receive communication from them as well.